Latest News August 18th 2006

Legal Filing fee raised by $200

Harold was working on his civil rights violation lawsuit and noticed something in the info sheet from the federal court clerk's office that he had overlooked:  the filing fee evidently was raised to $350 from the $150 that was standard when he filed his suit in 2001 on the mail policy.  Harold says, "This leaves me short badly, and I wish now I had not spent funds on replacement of law books and legal research manuals."   


From the info sheet: "The law requires that you pay a filing fee, presently $350, and that this fee be paid at the time the case is filed.  ... All inmate petitioners must pay the full filing fee, by instalment if necessary, even if the inmate is found to be indigent." 

Needless to say this puts severe restrictions on Harold's finances and could possibly limit the legal actions he undertakes for himself and other prisoners. Any donations to help Harold overcome this blatant restriction on access to the court system by prisoner and others of limited means would be appreciated. Please see Support Campaign pages for details of where donations can be sent.

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