Latest News Feb 24th 2006

Harold finally receives some medical treatment

Harold has finally received the long awaited medical treatment he has been waiting for since he was attacked in October. He has been seen by a Doctor  Adams who had x-rays taken. The Doctor has told Harold his finger will require orthopedic surgery and he has accordingly ordered an orthopedic surgeon consultation. At some point in the future Harold will be transferred temporarily to a special needs facility in Nashville for the consultation and surgery. Harold has been cautioned not to lift anything heavier then 2 pounds. Each visit to see the doctor cost him $3 regardless of the reason for the visit.

Harold writes:


February 3rd

"...I was called to the clinic today to see a "Dr. Adams" regarding my hand injury.  He examined my hand and the finger with nerve damage.  He could not give or order me anything for pain because I cannot take aspirin due to its being a blood thinner because of my brain aneurysm operation.  However, he did order an orthopedic surgeon consultation at Special Needs Facility in Nashville, so it looks like an operation is in the future of my hand as I predicted, due to the delay in setting it and no medical attention for over 3 months.  When I asked the doctor when I was to go to Nashville on the chain bus for the consultation, he did not know and said sometimes it took a long time dealing with the state.  Well, duh!"


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