Years ago in the now closed Tennessee State Prison, Nashville, an individual, or group assigned to the prison's sheet metal slave labour shop managed to get hold of one .38 calibre pistol cartridge and this single shell sparked at least one creative imagination. Covertly making use of the prison's machine shop equipment and while under direct observation of eagle eyed shop guards, a .38 calibre, single shot pistol with a silencing device was made by one or more prisoners. It was discovered before it could be put to use but it's existence did prove one thing, that you are only limited by your imaginations and creativity. Another example, during WW2 the allies produced and dropped from planes what was known as "Woolworth .45" pistols over various portions of Nazi occupied Europe where partisan forces were very short of arms. The , Woolworth .45 was 'a weapon to get a weapon' as it was meant for close range use only being single shot, not much more than a barrel, simple firing mechanism and three shells within a grip compartment. Ideally, the user had to get close enough to a Nazi soldier to shoot him and steal his weapons. Then they would pass on their woolworth .45, their 'gun to get a gun' to another partisan. These examples and countless others should serve as sparks of inspiration as they illustrate what can be accomplished with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness when resources are scarce.