Just Another Day in Urban Amerikka


While under protective cloaking, shield of night

they eagerly go about their foul, dirty, cowardly deeds.

Another job performed with cold, thinly veiled pleasure

by obedient, badge wearing robopigs.

to install terror they exhibit an addicts needs.


Front door splintered with battering rams,

wielded by paramilitary uniformed demons,

flak jacketed with surrealistic visor-helmeted heads.


Automatic weapons at the ready, to administer death,

another squatted home is invaded.

Another poor family roused roughly from their beds.

Their meagre personal property minutely searched,

allegedly conducted looking for drugs.

Officially sanctioned harassment on "an informants tip".

Nothing is discovered,

but another band of squatters are to be evicted,

momentarily to escape from the oppressors grip.


They are driven from claimed shelter,

kicked out onto the street.

With nil care given to the potential dangers

lurking everywhere in the night.

Just another day in urban amerikkka,

where the definitions of compassion, fair and right

by capitalism have been thrown away.


Slum landlord swine mandate useful shelters to stand empty,

while the homeless weather the elements residing on the streets.


They choose to ignore the truth that we are all one tribe,

each an obligation to humanity to meet.

They are nothing more than a bloodsucking puppet of capital.

Numbed, deafened and blinded by the curse of greed.

They are the foul bowel droppings

of the ever-growing, terror inflicting, government monster

that gives not a care for it's own people's need!


22March 1994