The Brady Gun Control Bill is merely the beginning of the fascist nightmare yet to come as the Amerikkkan government continues it's campaign to disarm the population. It will adversely affect everybody with the exception of the killer kops, government protected hate groups of the extreme right and the predators amongst us. A person that gives up a weapon that could conceivably in future save their life when confronted by an armed attacker, really needs to have" I am a victim by choice" tattooed on their forehead! Every nation that has been disarmed in the first stages of becoming a police state was first saturated with propaganda that the disarmament measure was necessary to stop violent crime. If any member of the public even remotely feels they are indeed adequately 'protected' by the police and will continue to be protected in the future instead of abused, once they become voluntarily disarmed, then I do not care whether they possess weapons or not. I do care however about my anarchist brothers and sisters ability to defend themselves.

This bill begins a logical progression to a total weapons ban. The I introduction of a more lengthy waiting period, so that criminal records can be checked before a firearm is released to a member of the public might seem :;; sensible but is practically useless and will do absolutely nothing to combat the rising tide of violence and firearm deaths. The most recent mass murders were not perpetrated by the so-called 'superiorly armed criminal element'. The guns were purchased legally by citizens free of criminal records and besides most 'professional criminals' steal their weapons, purchase second hand or simply have a friend with no police record buy the weapon of choice, get paid for their trouble and then have the gun reported to the authorities as stolen .

The most dangerous aspect of the Brady Bill is that certain types of weapon are to be removed from the market place. Now the Brady Bill has been passed, it can be expected for reactionary elected officials to introduce even stricter gun control bills into state legislature that will further restrict various classifications of firearms. This will be the second step in their drive to remove any potential armed resistance from the oppressed sectors of Amerikkkan society and the right to defend oneself with equal quality fire-power as is used against you. The third and next step after state legislatures hop on the Brady Bill -bandwagon, is the removal of various types of ammunition currently available to the public. For example, if it finally comes to pass that 9mm calibre weapons are proclaimed as illegal to own and possess, then 9mm ammo will become -impossible to purchase. Immediately following the passage of this bill, the government influenced, or owned mainstream media began a publicity saturation campaign against 'Black Talon' type ammunition. The Black Talon projectile produces sharp edges when the bullet makes impact with the target to effect maximum damage. The pigs routinely use this type of high-tech. killing ammo in their firearms to commit murder in the streets but they are very vocal in opposition to anybody else having access to such deadly ammo for means of protection. After the restriction, or complete banning of various types of ammo becomes reality then will come eventual massive searches of working class areas for 'illegal weapons', justified to the more gullible sectors of society by media propaganda campaigns proclaiming that poor, working class areas are breeding grounds for highly dangerous criminals. When their guns are gone the: working class will be even more at the mercy of those with guns. First they come for the weapons, then without warning or risk of serious opposition they come for the 'enemies of the state', the radicals, anarchists, troublesome leaders in the minority communities etc...

Since the 1960's the extreme right wing, fascist, racist groups such as the kkk, Nazi scum, Aryan garbage, Nationalist trash have been waiting like vultures for stricter gun control and quite probably praying for the day a total ban of firearms is enacted, making all possession illegal, because an unarmed enemy is of little importance in an armed combat situation. The vast majority of anti- racist, anti-imperialist, anti-government organisations are light-years behind the extreme right in terms of fire-power, even though our future survival ..:. realistically depends on our ability to defend ourselves !


The climate on the streets is that everybody either has stockpiled weapons or are engaged in doing it right now. The situation is entirely comparable in the. free community as it is within the gulags. Within the gulag the possession of a knife or gun is illegal but not having one when needed for self defence is often fatal. Burying our heads in the sand, hoping trouble will merely 'go away' only says two things: 1. Your arse is exposed while your head is buried in the sand and 2. you cannot see the danger coming ! The organized stripping of your means and ability for self defence is clearly happening right now, so if we, as individuals and anarchists allow this to happen without taking adequate measures to negate the intended effects of legislature like the Brady Bill and the more restrictive laws logically coming right behind it in future, then we are deserving of elimination. A revolution is ultimately won or lost through fire-power and the ability of revolutionaries to survive as a force of change, aboveground and underground beyond the eyes and ears of the government if necessary. Any movement that cannot, or will not defend itself with any force necessary is doomed to failure from the start and will be crushed by reactionary forces like the fascists, the pigs, the state etc...


The best advice I can give my anarchist comrades on this most important subject is to arm yourselves today to meet tomorrow's need of arms to survive! This is a wake-up call before the ability to effectively arm is forever lost to us! . We are responsible for our own protection.

Feb. 94