'War on terrorism' and after affects of 9/11

The oppression of doctrine laws put forward by governments, world wide especially in the United States, and I am now made aware that Australia is following the USA example: jumping on the bandwagon post the terrorist events of 9/11 in this country are nothing more than opportunistic governments using the catch- phrase 'War on terrorism' to frighten their citizens into accepting without opposition or questioning the usurping of citizens? rights when the true agenda of the government is to crush all dissenting factions within their individual society even legitimate dissent and those who criticize their government justifiably. The United States is a prime example of the taking of citizens? rights and constitutional guarantees which the rest of the world appears to be following, appears to be jumping on the bandwagon of oppression using the 'National security' justification.

The attacks on the twin towers in NYC and the not airplane high jacking which hit the Pentagon al-Qaeda terrorists was the wet dream of the fascist elements in all government from the very top level of government, to the bottom as it provided the long sought and never delivered excuser to curtail citizens? rights and guarantees in democracies worldwide under the guise of national security concerns. Nowhere in the world is it more now apparent the real intentional of the new laws is meant to strip citizens? constitutional rights. The US patriot act allows for detainees to be held without benefit of bail, seeing legal council or even being charged after discretion of their captors, claiming ?national security concerns?. Under the same 'direct to Nat security' cloak law enforcement is not required to have judge-authorized search warrant, or to even explain probable cause for the lesser reasonable suspension, justification for a warrant to a judicial figure performing a warrant less search of a citizen's residence without informing the citizen a search has even taken place when the search is completed. Documents can be searched, computer records invaded, items taken, and all without a warrant. There are no rights, of privacy from government intrusion, United States post- and the patriot Act being enacted into law. Swiftly following the passage of the UI Patriot Act a much less publicized act was signed into law giving law enforcement unprecedented police state powers titled the domestic security enhancement act which took up where the Patriot Act left off in the area of taking for granted legal and constitutional rights.

The attacks on the USA by Osama Bin-laden terrorist network including the attack on the USS Cole was a fascist dream come true as a gullible frightened public will willingly allow their rights to be traded for security to be safe in their daily lives with the great lie spoon-fed to them since they are being kept safe from terrorism. The only prevention to terrorist acts is for a watchful willing public to work with a government they trust to neutralize terrorist acts before they happen instead of frightening citizens not only living in fear of terrorism but in fear of their government's representatives. The United States is no longer a nation where free speech is a constitutionally protected right as those who are critical of the government, those who refuse to be led to slaughter like sheep following a Judas goat effectively have their voices silenced or neutralized by their government as they can only protest/demonstrate and amass in areas far removed from the person or event they are opposing. They are cordoned off in areas away from the media while those favoring the administration in power in the US are permitted to pan to the media camera while waving flags and waving approvingly even along travel routes of the top administration offices Bush Cheney and company at political events. The latest figure of the number of arrests I heard on the media are likely grossly wrong with more arrests then reported by media was 16 to 17 hundred protestors in NYC at the Republican National Convention on all manner of charges or for no reason at all, other than Officer Friendly and the sly with him did not like a person's appearance, demeanor or whatever. Freedom in America ? A thing of the past, taken while the masses slept in the guise of their being taken for national security concerns. Freedom of speech in America ? There is no such right unless the words coming from your mouth or you are writing is pro-government as anything else will have the feds knocking at your door in the night to interrogate, harass, and attempt to intimidate you into silence: you are subject to be followed under a camera 24/7, have your telephone calls listened to by big brother's minions, have your emails read before or at the same time they read, your computer, every aspect of your life inspected particularly your associates and friends looked closely at and questioned about you, their political beliefs, every part of your life turned upside-down if you disagree with your government. George Orwell/Big Brother I alive and well in the States and soon will be visiting all ?democratic? nations of the world as more government gangs follow the USA example of the 21 century version of fascism.

The time to act is now, the time to rebel is now, before you lose what few remaining rights you have, human rights and rights under your government: the time to choose a way to send your message to the very top of the governments of the world is now, that you will stand for no more and the people are taking back their birthrights from the monster of the earth: any government is allowed to stand only because its citizens agree to be governed. The contract is broken the agreement is gone when one side acts in bad faith: all you have to do is get off your knees and say ?No more? in unison and then do what you have to do to make those words true: take back your rights by any means necessary: there will be sacrifice there will be hard times but the will of the people collectively will win in the end as it always does when the sleeping giants of the people's will in any country is awakened. I am a prisoner today and have been for decades and I can see the prison with invisible walls being constructed around you by the taking of your rights as a human being as a citizen and if you stand or fall then it is your choice and you will have to live with the consequences. From my heart I love anybody who stands and fights, claims or even tries to claim what is theirs and have only pity for those who are willing to die on their knees to please the will of the heartless masters. They will never get us all.

Harold H. Thompson