To: Commissioner George Little

Tennessee Department of Correction
320 6th Avenue North
4th Floor, Rachel Jackson Building
Nashville, TN 37243-0465
(615) 741-1000



Re: Inmate Harold H Thompsonís (#93992) Medical condition



Dear Commissioner Little


I am writing regarding the medical condition of Harold H Thompson #93992. Mr Thompson was the victim of an unprovoked attack while in the Law Library at the North West Correctional complex. He was repeatedly punched and kicked around his head and body, his hands were stamped on and he received a stab wound to right leg. He received initial treatment after the attack but was then quickly moved to West Tennessee State Penitentiary where he now resides. Since his move he has received no medical treatment and his left hand in particular is giving him considerable pain. It is very likely that some of the bones have been broken. Mr Thompson has requested medical treatment and although a date was set he was no notified nor was a Green Pass issued.


I would respectfully request that you look into this issue and arrange for Mr Thompson to receive the correct medical attention as is appropriate to his condition.


Yours sincerely